February 27, 2012

Mission Statement

Our aim is to create a self-sufficient small-holding  
developed according to permaculture principles of design,  
cultivated using organic and biodynamic methodology, and  
sustained by social education.

Our primary outputs will be:
  • RAW GOODS – organic vegetables and fruits
  • PROCESSSED GOODS – condiments, sauces, preserves etc
  • HOSPITALITY – monthly seasonal food events, residential retreats
  • SKILLS EXCHANGE – workshops and seminars

Through our work we aim to foster a network of mutually beneficial exchange within the local and regional area, that will raise awareness about the importance of:
  • a Local Food Economy
  • Regional Food Identity
  • Land Based Skills
  • Sustainable Living

In our first year we will build our home and establish the cultivation of vegetables and fruit. We will set up work weeks throughout the summer, inviting volunteers to help renovate the house and establish the gardens, whilst learning and exchanging knowledge. We will also plan in a handful of seminars focusing on Permaculture Design, Medicinal and Culinary Herbs, Biodynamic Agriculture and Low Impact Development, and will instigate monthly food events to raise awareness about our work and invite support.

In our second year we will design and build a commercial standard kitchen for catering and processing food. We will also expand our stock of animals and develop accommodation for residential courses and holiday retreats. We will continue with monthly awareness-raising events and will establish a farm shop. In the summer months we will take products to selected markets for wider networking and publicity.

By spring of the third year we intend to be fully functioning as a centre for the exchange of skills and ideas, trading in goods derived from our land and sustained by regular workshops and events.

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