December 21, 2013

Solstice Muse

Looking back over the last year, the biggest impact on progress on all fronts was the unbelievably long winter. It just went on and on, with spring teasing and beckoning but never quite arriving until well into April. 

Then suddenly it burst into a high speed transition into summer. Delicate blossom appeared for the briefest of moments and vegetation shot up on all fronts, making for bumper hay crops and endless weeding. 

June brought action to the farm, as many hands made light work of our crumbling stable - now the perfect hibernation for our two goats (and of course the chickens).
Throughout the summer, trips to the lake were plentiful making up for all the sun lost during the dull winter months. The vegetable harvest was once again abundant, although fruit certainly suffered from the short spring.

Autumn has remained mostly mild and fresh and we look set to have a brown Christmas.

Bracing ourselves for winter proper at the start of the new year, we look ahead to plans for beginning a CSA here on our farm. We envisage a small group of up to 40 individuals (approximately twenty families) from Görlitz and surrounding villages ready to nurture a culture of seasonal celebration and appreciation of the abundance of nature through their involvement with the farm.

This time is all about drawing down the details of how exactly this thing can take shape. The level of interest is high enough to give some confidence, but the challenge is to maintain sufficient momentum to keep the interest flowing.

As we continue to chip away at our kitchen and our future plans whilst stoking the many fires that keep our little flat cosy and warm, we look forward to all the surprises ahead of us and to spontaneous visitors, both regular and new.